Neo 410h cabinet

1050W 4 x 10 + horn bass cabinet

Proudly built in the UK, the Classic Series is Ashdown’s flagship bass amp range. Comprising of 500 and 1000-watt Klystron heads, a selection of cabinets and a range of 500-Watt combos, the Classics are about doing everything better – more volume, more dynamics, an extended frequency range and greater versatility.

Central to the performance of the 1050Watt, 4 x 10 + horn Neo-410h cabinet is the use of new, custom developed Neodymium speakers which incorporate a number of advanced features including a cast aluminium chassis with thin brackets to avoid sound wave reflections, a magnet circuit with heat sink rims to ensure rapid heat dissipation and decompression holes in the cone. The result is a ultra-lightweight bass driver that just keep getting louder as the level is increased, delivering a powerful, consistent bass tone at all volume levels and with no power loss over long performances.



Power Output (RMS) 1050W
Speaker Configuration 4 x 10 + horn
Impedance 8 Ohms
H x W x D (mm) 730 x 610 x 420
Weight (kg) 37

Ashdown reserves the right to alter specifications without notice.